Small Businesses

Small Businesses

We Help Grow Your Numbers, Not Just Crunch Them

Whether you’re an established company looking to expand or you just hung out your shingle and you need help finding your footing, we can help relieve some of the burdens of running your business. We can whip even the most disorderly books into shape.

We help businesses of every stripe, from large general contractors to small retail stores, partnerships to owner-operators. We can supplement your existing staff or take over your full financial picture. We will balance your books, process financial reports, and take care of your payroll so that you can focus on what you do best. Services include:

  • Preparing paperwork for business loans

  • Compliance Assurance

  • Bank and payroll reconciliation

  • Profit and loss statements

  • General ledger report

Tax planning and tax preparation service round out our offerings. No matter the complexity of your business returns, we’re able to minimize your liabilities and maximize your deductions, keeping a firm handle on all applicable deadlines. We help growing businesses and mature companies stay ahead of their financial obligations.

We can help with early completion bonuses, allocations of indirect costs, joint venture accounting, and much more!

We can help your business reach it’s full potential!

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